Article Out Loud - A Revised Definition of Homeland Security

An Article Out Loud Flashback from the Domestic Preparedness Journal, May 31, 2017.

A top-down approach provides guidance and support from federal agencies to local jurisdictions. A bottom-up approach ensures that local needs are being heard at the top. However, when local agencies are tasked with national security efforts, more guidance and support may be needed from above. It is time to prioritize resources, measure preparedness and response capabilities, and build and support national capabilities locally by redefining homeland security in today’s environment.

Narrated by Randy Vivian.

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Judson Freed
Judson Freed

Judson Freed, MA, CEM, has served as director of emergency management and homeland security for Ramsey County, Minnesota, since 2003. He is an adjunct professor in emergency management. For the past seven years, he has served as vice chair of the Emergency Management and Homeland Security subcommittee for the National Association of Counties (NACo). In 2016, he was appointed by former DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson to the Homeland Security Information Network National Advisory Committee. He holds an MA in Security Studies (Homeland Defense and Security) from the Naval Postgraduate School.



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